Augustines New Video “Nothing To Lose But Your Head” Premieres

Augustines New Video “Nothing To Lose But Your Head” Premieres

If you haven’t yet added Brooklyn’s Indie-rock band, Augustines to your playlist, they just gave you another reason today, with the premiere of their new video for “Nothing To Lose But Your Head”. The trio came across our radar back in September, after the release of their single, “Cruel City” and have done nothing but impress ever since. Billy McCarthy, Eric Sanderson and Rob Allen deliver passionate indie-rock with roaring drums, swirling harmonies and powerful lyrics, all lead by McCarthy’s incredibly cool gruffly voice.

Keeping with the bands manly, New York appearance, the video released this morning has the trio performing their newest single in a work shop, as welding sparks fall around them. You can’t help but be captivated by the intensity, that all three members put into every lyric and sound. There is plenty here for everyone, with enough edge to satisfy any indie fan and both a lyrical and musical quality similar to Mumford and Sons or Coldplay. The only problem we have at the moment with Augustines, is deciding which track off of the bands upcoming sophomore album (Feb 3) will be our favorite.

Our Sunday mixtape, Red Leather Seats has the Brooklyn bands single “Cruel City” as track number one and for good reason. Since our inaugural compilation was geared toward the guys, we couldn’t think of any other band worthy to top off the playlist than Augustines. Mark your calendars for February 3rd and get this record, you can thank us later.

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