The Chainsmokers Don’t Disappoint With New Tove Lo Remix (Free Download)

The Chainsmokers Don’t Disappoint With New Tove Lo Remix (Free Download)

New York City’s dynamic DJ/Producer duo of Drew Taggart & Alex Pall, known among friends, fans and old guys with gimpy legs as The Chainsmokers, have taken on the task of making Tove Lo‘s single ‘Habits’, club ready in their latest Free Download. Appreciated at DaysTune for their music and always hilarious emails, the two have done something we usually don’t appreciate, but have to acknowledge nonetheless. It’s not that we don’t enjoy a good remix, cause we do. It’s just we happen to be prone to the old school way of thinking that when a song is already, dope, hip, banging, s—weet, The Shit (or whatever else the kids are saying these days), you don’t mess with it. Unless of course you’re going to make us love it even more – which A and D did in their latest song, “The Chainsmokers vs Tove Lo – Habits”.

The Chainsmokers x Tove Lo HABITS Cover Art

The NYC based PDD (Producer/DJ/Duo) agree with us when we put Tove Lo on the same level with Lorde. Among our top female artists to look out for in ’14, both “Habits” and “Out of Mind” are prime examples of both her songwriting and singing genius. It’s sexy, sassy, confident indie-pop that grabs your attention from beginning to end. Remixing quality like this usually goes two ways: Suck or Doesn’t Suck. Good news for The Chainsmokers – Doesn’t Suck, actually it’s pretty damn amazing. Give it 49 seconds and you’ll agree, without distorting its main feel, Drew and Alex have infused the Swedish pop singers track with electronic funfetti and a swirling club beat that totally compliments in every way. This isn’t two guys using a great song just to say look at what I can do, it’s honest, pure production that we think even Tove Lo will love as much as we do.

Look for it to be our song of the day on Thursday January 9th, 2013 – Yep, it’s that good. Plus, it’s free – The boys are sick! Get the download – Here.

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