International Pop: Leila Ft Charlie Brown With ‘Presque Arrivés’ (Almost Arrived)

International Pop: Leila Ft Charlie Brown With ‘Presque Arrivés’ (Almost Arrived)

The beautiful thing about music, is it’s ability to cross borders even without translation. The inspiring song ‘Presque Arrivés’ was originally written and sung by UK singer Charlie Brown and titled “On My Way”. He released the song in March of 2013 and saw it climb all the way to #7 on the UK Singles Chart. This past October Montreal recording artist, Leila Lanova delivered up a remix version, which features Brown and a new title, ‘Presque Arrivés’ (Almost Arrived). The inspirational lyrics and upbeat production found in the original, get a jolt of urban love with the addition of Leila’s beautiful French vocal. It felt awesome when Charlie Brown dropped it last Spring and even better with a remix in French. Someone say bonjour to Leila.

Leila and Charlie Brown Presque arrivés Almost Arrived

The official video for ‘Almost Arrived’ was published in November and features shots of Charlie Brown singing along side Montreal’s Leila. Charlie’s latest single ‘Bones’ was our Song of The Day on August 30th, 2013 and is just as big and grand as ‘On My Way’. You’ll be hard pressed not to get chills from both versions of his top ten hit and his most recent track ‘Bones‘.

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Charlie Brown’s New Single “Bones” Inspires (Official Video)

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