Introducing Singer, Songwriter Andreas Moe With ‘Beautiful But Breakable’

Introducing Singer, Songwriter Andreas Moe With ‘Beautiful But Breakable’

One thing we spent a lot of time doing in 2013, was featuring singers who started out collaborating with other artists at the same time they were developing their own careers. From UK’s John Newman, who co-wrote and sang two number one hits with Rudimental, before breaking out with his own hit record, to the hook up between Germany’s Zedd and Foxes with last years top ten, “Clarity”. New records from Charli XCX, Tove Lo and our featured artist, Andreas Moe are continuing the trend where these talented writers and singers are moving from just “featuring”, to becoming the feature.

Swedish born, 25 year old Andreas Moe strikes an attractive profile, with his tussled sandy-blonde hair, blue eyes and model-esque jawline. The photo album on his Facebook page, houses pics of the handsome young man that could easily grace the pages of any hip, fashion magazine from Paris to USA. If that wasn’t enough to grab your attention, the Stockholm resident is also a hit making singer/songwriter who has collaborated with the likes of Avicii, John de Sohn and the English rock-pop group, Lawson. In 2012 Moe wrote and sang on the soundtrack for Universals film, The Knot. He has released two EP’s, with his latest this past March titled This Year and is currently at work recording his upcoming debut album.

Daystune interview with Andreas Moe

To stumble upon his most recent musical contribution to his fans, an acoustic version of his new song “Beautiful But Breakable”, is a discovery your playlist and auditory system will thank you for. A journey through his work quickly reveals that Andreas Moe is about making music that speaks. From our featured song today, to his hit “Under The Sun” with John de Sohn, to The Knotts love ballad “+1” there is a tangible genuineness and emotion that captivates. Mix in a vocal range that moves smoothly from silky upper ranges to lower raspy tones and you’ve got a combination that fans of all genres can enjoy.

We recently asked Andreas to tell us more about himself, his music and his future. He of course was happy to oblidge.

1) Tell us about your musical journey to this point?
Andreas Moe Copyright Facebook– If I go back far enough, I remember as a child being a massive MJ fan. I wasn’t necessarily interested in the creative process of music per se, but there was something about it that made me feel amazingly good. It really took off when I was 12 years old when I got my first guitar from my dad. I remember writing songs almost instantly but obviously without any structure or idea of how a song was built, I just played. When I was 15, I played in several rock bands and performed at youth centres in Stockholm and I decided to study guitar at a school called Rytmus. It was there I found out that there’s more than Yngwie Malmsteen, Allan Holdsworth and other guitar shredders. I found out about songwriting, acoustic driven music and most of all using my voice as an instrument. It was then, I started writing pop songs inspired by Jeff Buckley and John Mayer and it was not long until I got in contact with my management and publisher ‘Phrased Differently’ in London. When I was 22, I signed my deal as a songwriter and I started combining songwriting for other artists with writing for my own artist project. It took a while to get the first release (cut) but when things finally started moving it felt like a ketchup effect. Not long after I signed a license deal with Sony Music Scandinavia and finally released my first EP ‘Collecting Sunlight’, a year after I released my second EP called ‘This year’ and now here I am finishing an album! My songwriting for other artists has also blossomed and I’m proud and happy to say I have so far received 6 Gold and Platinum Discs in the last 12 months for songs in Sweden, Holland and the UK.

We’re featuring your new song “Beautiful But Breakable” today…
2) Tell us about the new single. Is it for a new EP, debut album?
– Thank you very much! I don’t see ‘Beautiful But Breakable’ as a single though – It’s a little sneak peek of what’s about to come and it will definitely be on the album. The song was written with a good friend of mine called Sharon Vaughan in her flat in Stockholm and It is one of those songs where every little piece just falls into the right place, everything joined together perfectly, lyrics, chords, melody. As a songwriter I know that doesn’t happen very often. It was beautiful 🙂

You’ve worked with some big names, written hit songs and performed vocals on top ten hits like “Long Time” and “Under The Sun” with John de Sohn…
3) Where are you right now in your career?
– Im trying to combine being a songwriter for other artists as well as developing myself as a solo artist. The main focus throughout 2013 was on writing material for my debut album, and I’ve now started the process of recording it! So I’m very excited!

Andreas Moe Concert Pic Copyright Facebook

4) From Stockholm, Sweden – Where do you presently call home?
– I travel a lot, especially between Sweden and London since I’m both managed and published there. I really like London, it feels like a place where I could stay a while and develop my artist career and I most likely will. But I would never call it home. I was born and raised in Stockholm, and that’s the place where I became the one I am today, so Stockholm’s my home.

5) Where does the US fit into things right now with you and your music?
At the moment, we’re concentrating on Europe. It’s just not possible as an independent artist to have a world-wide plan. You could say that we’re building this organically fan by fan… and this takes time, but it’s so worth it. I’m so happy and proud of the people that have joined my journey in the last 2 years and I’m going to do my best to reach as many as possible. The US is definitely a dream place to play and work musically and it will come, it might just take a few months 🙂

6) Are you signed with any labels?
– My album is licensed to Sony Music in Scandinavia. But other than that I’m unsigned or to be more honest, signed to my own independent label. To be honest I think that’s a good thing right now as I feel it’s not until today that I’ve really found the style of music that I love to write and perform. I think now when I’ve had time to really experience and strengthen my confidence musically, Im in a better position when it comes to labels. Instead of chasing them, maybe they will come to me and even if they don’t, it’s more about the music and I will keep writing and performing.

andreas moe beautiful but breakable

You used clips from a trip here to the US this summer for your music video ‘Under The Sun’…
7) Do you come often and what’s your favorite part?
– I’ve only been to the US once and I really enjoyed every second of it! I was there on a promo tour and had the chance to see so many cool places. I think my favorite part is San Diego. Or maybe the drive from LA to Vegas..

8) Favorite pick up line?
(Fade Into Darkness playing in the background) – Great vocals right? 😉 .. haha! No I don’t know.. Im not much for pick up lines really.. I’ve never had those skills. (Like He needs them!)

We’re privileged to introduce Andreas Moe to our visitors here in the US and abroad. Below we’ve added a few of his previous music videos, to help you get up to speed. Hopefully you’ll be hearing more from Andreas real soon and we’ll keep in touch with him concerning that debut album. For now, enjoy our song of the day for January 18th, 2014 by Andreas Moe, “Beautiful But Breakable”.

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