Jule Vera’s New Song “One Little String” On MTV’s Teen Mom 2

Jule Vera’s New Song “One Little String” On MTV’s Teen Mom 2

Back in August of 2013 we were fortunate enough to feature the exclusive introduction of the Alabama pop-rock group, Jule Vera. We couldn’t get their catchy debut single, “Radioactive” out of our minds and we’re glad to see they’ve been busy moving on to bigger things in 2014. Tonight the young trio will see their new song, “One Little String” appear on the, Love Will Never Do Without You episode of MTV’s Teen Mom 2.

Ansley Newman’s light and poppy vocals lead the catchy track, that is sure to have viewers running to Google to find out who it is. We knew back in the Summer that Ansley, Jack and William have something special and hopefully this is just one more step closer to our radio’s. If anything it’ll give you one reason to tune in to Teen Mom 2 tonight (January 28 @9pm).

Exclusive: Introducing Jule Vera with “Radioactive” (Free Download)

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