You Decide: Artist vs Poet with “Close To You” (Listen)

You Decide: Artist vs Poet with “Close To You” (Listen)

The music industry can be a hard road to run and there are loads of former bands who could tell you a story or two. It takes talent for sure, to make good music and sell records in volumes large or small, but it takes a lot more tenacity to see your music end up in the hands of the masses. As we lean our ears over the horizon of this new year, one such band who has paid their dues is catching our attention. The LA based Pop/Rock band, Artist vs Poet did the right thing and released a new single just as 2013 was preparing to hand the baton over to its successor. The catchy, upbeat “Close To You” makes you wish for Summer to arrive sooner than later, so you can blast this on a beach near you.


Since 2007 the band has seen members come and go, as well as their former label Fearless Records break ties. For die hard fans of NBC’s The Voice, you may remember lead singer Joe Kirkland’s appearance as a contestant, during season three of the music competition. Their most recent record is the extended play titled Keep Your Secrets, which dropped last January. There’s a feeling with the new release, that the current trio may have honed in on the type of sound that has moved bands like The Summer set, from just an indie platform into the mainstream. We’ll have to wait and see, for now we let You Decide if “Close To You” is a keeper.

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