Sweden’s Marlene Is Back With A New Single “Stay Awake” (Stream)

Sweden’s Marlene Is Back With A New Single “Stay Awake” (Stream)

One of our favorite finds of 2013, we happily stumbled upon the Swedish singer/songwriter Marlene and her debut internet hit, ‘Bon Voyage‘ last Summer. She released her debut EP of the same name in November, which included her popular single, along with five remix versions. Marlene’s vocals in both her debut and new single “Stay Awake” are clean and flawless. This time around she leaves the tropical sounds of “Bon Voyage”, for a more romantic urban vibe in “Stay Awake”.

Marlene has just recently moved away from writing and supporting other artists, to creating music for herself. The popularity of her debut from last year, was proof that what she has to offer is more than enough. This weeks new single continues to show off her vocal range and it’s exciting to see her switch gears musically as well. We included her in our top 20 female artists to watch in 2014 and between these two tracks you can see why.

Marlene Stay Awake Single

Sweden has been good to the world of music over the past several years and especially here in the US. Seeing that Marlene is moving forward with a new release in “Stay Awake”, is a good sign that both a debut album and push towards the States could be just around the corner. Let’s hope so!

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