The Chainsmokers Addictive Single #Selfie Is Our Friday Fun Song

The Chainsmokers Addictive Single #Selfie Is Our Friday Fun Song

The Chainsmokers, New York’s dynamic DJ duo of Drew Taggart & Alex Pall, have just released their first ever original single on a real label and it could end up being genius. From the moment we played it, everyone wanted to know what it was and once you hear it, once you watch the video – you’re going to be hooked. Think PSY meets…well, meets The Chainsmokers and you end up with one crazy fun and addictive song. On top of it all, these two self promoting Don Kings, put out the call for friends and fans to send in their own selfies for the official music video – Double Points! It’s even got David Hasselhoff in it; not sure if that’s a good thing.

Drew and Alex first put the song together as a joke to promote a show they had at LIV in December, to build buzz for the night. After fans deemed it a hit, they took it back to their dim lit, shag carpeted musical lair and made it road ready. The end result is three hilarious verses (by friend Alexis Killcam) and one incredibly infectious dance track. Dim Mak Records pick it up real quick and The Chainsmokers have arrived.

It’s a far cry from anything else they’ve done this year and fans know this isn’t all they are, but they’d be fools to not ride this thing for all it’s worth. The number one word for 2013 and these guys have just given us a reason to dance about it. Kudos to Alexis Killcam who makes every line feel real. It’s the perfect song for Friday and we hope we don’t lose our reputation by making this thing our song of the day for January 31st, 2014.

#Selfie is available on iTunes and Beaport. Yes, they have T-shirts and a tour named after the song; like we said, genius!

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