Zendaya’s New Video For “My Baby” Is Right Up Her Alley

Zendaya’s New Video For “My Baby” Is Right Up Her Alley

Get ready for Zendaya to grow up fast and her music along with her. Today, the 17 year old going on 25, released the brand new video for her latest single “My Baby”. Where ‘Replay’ hit the pop chord, ‘My Baby’ is spinning things right down R&B lane. No dance floor needed here either, in more hip-hop fashion Zendaya performs up close to the camera with finger snaps, head bops and lots of hand motions. You get that cute girl smile every once and awhile, but for the most part this is hip-hop-pop for the big girls.

My baby Zendaya video

The Stephen Garnett directed video, has Zendaya appearing in several different outfits, head coverings and even lipstick colors, really grabbing your attention with bright teal. Everything stays within the lines of decency and we’re glad for that (You know those Disney girls), but adds a level of maturity that should help reach that outlying audience. The song is straight up addictive and as we already know, the “Replay” singer nails it vocally, it’s right up her alley. No someone pan the camera back and let that girl dance!

Zendaya’s debut album is available now.

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