Amber Run Keep Rising With New Single “Spark” (Listen)

Amber Run Keep Rising With New Single “Spark” (Listen)

Alot has changed since we first talked with Amber Run’s front-man Joe Keogh, back in September of last year. We introduced you to the new 5 member UK band and their debut single, “Noah”, when it appeared as our song of the day on July 11th, 2013. We were captivated with the opening line “My name is Noah” sung by Keogh, along with the groups incredible continuity and fresh sound.

Since then, they’ve had to add “Run” to their name for legal reasons, released their debut EP, signed with RCA Victor, appeared on several UK stations including BBC Introducing and most recently began their March tour in the UK. Oh, they’ve also released another amazing single called, “Spark”.

Amber Run have the ability to pack each song with intensity and a soaring chorus, without it become repetitive. With each new song there is evidence of growth and confidence, especially with their most recent release “Spark”. There is a noticeable level of experience present as Joe Keogh opens the new single in a more deeper and bold tone. It’s exciting to see their growth and rise to fame. The next step of course, is to get them over here to the US.

Check out the links below to find our more about Amber Run and our exclusive interview. We’re keeping our eyes on this band of mates from Nottingham and think you should too. Enjoy our Song Of The Weekend for March 21st by Amber Run, “Spark”.

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