Bieber Booed At Juno Awards & Mark Wahlberg Gets Slimed At KCA (Entertainment News)

Bieber Booed At Juno Awards & Mark Wahlberg Gets Slimed At KCA (Entertainment News)

Bieber Booed At Juno Awards

It seems Justin Bieber is not going to get off that easy, after a year of putting himself in the spotlight for things other than his music. Sunday night showed just how upset his countrymen are with him, when he was booed by members of the audience at this years Juno Awards, in Canada. The 20 year old pop star was probably glad to have not been present during the event, even though the chorus of disgust happened after he was announced as the winner of the, Fans Choice Award for 2014.


Monday showed no sign the negative attention had gotten to him, having only a post of gratitude to his fans on his Twitter account.


Serena Ryder who won for Songwriter Of The Year, wasted no time in defending the young star during her acceptance speech stating, “Justin Bieber is an amazing musician and he deserved every bit of that award because he’s been working his ass off his entire life, we need to support how awesome he is. He’s great. He’s amazing“. Support didn’t stop there either, with twin duo Tegan and Sara responding to the boos backstage by saying it “was not very Canadian.” The pair took home awards for Pop Album, Group and Single of the year.


Mark Wahlberg Gets Slimed At KCA

Who would have thunk it? Former bad boy, rapper, producer, actor and father of four, Mark Wahlberg took up the duty of hosting this years Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards and even got slimed, like, alot. The star of the upcoming movie, Transformers: Age Of Extinction spent most of the night reiterating that no one was going to be spilling the green goop on him.

Viewers at home might have sensed, that all the tough guy banter was just leading up to the inevitable. It took the entire show to get to what Wahlberg was making into the main event, when comedian Kevin Hart, along with the actors three children tricked him into standing under one of the shows many green outlets.


When the slime did eventually fall upon the buff host, it seemed as if it would never end. The famous green slime poured from the ceiling, dropping clumps of goo for so long Mark eventually squatted down until it ceased. Fans loved it and we’re sure it scored big points with his own kids as well.

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