Listen To Daniel James’ Soaring New Single “The Bridge”

Listen To Daniel James’ Soaring New Single “The Bridge”

Daniel James is a London based singing, songwriting Irishman whose love of watching documentaries, has brought about a soaring, emotive new single we think you’re going to love. The debut single, “The Bridge” was inspired by the 1984, Martin Bell directed story of Seattle’s street children titled, Streetwise. Don’t expect a dismal and depressing song from the young Irish songster though, “The Bridge” flows along with Daniel’s dynamic vocals and an uplifting acoustic driven track. It’s genuine, fresh and sure to catch the attention of those who enjoy the quality, you can only get from an experienced singer/songwriter. Definitely one who should find a place here in the US music scene.

Enjoy our song of the day for March 20th, 2014 by Daniel James.

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