Neulore’s Single “Shadow of a Man” Is Pounding Folk Fun!

Neulore’s Single “Shadow of a Man” Is Pounding Folk Fun!

Folk has infused itself into many genres over the past years, delivering up some amazing talent and now old favorites. While Mumford & Sons and the others take a back seat for a season, there’s an up and coming band from Nashville that are sure to work their way into your playlist, if not the mainstream. Neulore, made up of Adam Agin and William T. Cook, have dropped a single that is both inspiring and fun at the same time. The bass pounding “Shadow of a Man”, has all the great qualities of modern folk, from perfectly placed “oh’s” and quick strumming guitars, to passionately sung lyrics like, “So Light Your Torches And Follow Me / Lets Burn The Boats Back To Who We Used To Be”.

Neulore Shadow Of A Man Single

Pushing against the musical ceiling since 2009, they’ve already seen their latest track used in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy and Breaking Amish L.A. Like San Diego’s rock group Switchfoot, there’s no denying that Neulore are saying something in their music. Their debut EP Apples & Eve demonstrated Agin and Cook’s ability to turn spiritual pondering into a record that almost any music fan could enjoy. We encourage you to listen to the tracks, “Eve” and “Apples”. Neulore deliver up a sound that is rich, genuine and full of talent.

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