Bootstraps Will Take You Away With “Sleeping Giant” (Video)

Bootstraps Will Take You Away With “Sleeping Giant” (Video)

LA singer/songwriter Jordan Beckett of the band Bootstraps, set his sights on being a screenwriter some years back when he moved from Portland to the land of Hollywood, but life had other plans that involved music. The raspy voiced singer turned to writing and singing for his own cathartic reasons at first, never intending for anyone else to hear it. After his actor friend Sam Jaeger (Parenthood, Her, Hart’s War) pushed him to write and record for his upcoming indie film Take Me Home at the time, Beckett found reason to continue the venture into a full album.

Since then his music has served as the background to some of televsions biggest dramas like, “Parenthood”, “No Ordinary Family”, “Private Practice”, “Betrayal” and most recently with his incredible cover of Whitney Houston’s, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” for Grey’s Anatomy.

Since signing with Harvest records, the trio of Beckett, David Quon and Nathan Warkentin rereleased their self titled debut album this past February. Like “Sleeping Giant”, the record is full of emotive, anthemic, lyrically rich tracks that illicit the kind of introspection and contemplation perfect for film and ones own life.


Good news for those of us here on the east coast, Bootstraps will be performing along with several other indie bands on the Communion Tour this May. Check out the tour dates via the bands website link below.

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