Bravo’s Madison Hildebrand Picks Our Song Of The Day

Bravo’s Madison Hildebrand Picks Our Song Of The Day

Not many of us will have the opportunity to be taken around by a high end real estate agent, looking for our million dollar dream home; but if you do, Malibu’s Madison Hildebrand may be your guy. Since 2006, we’ve followed the life and work of a few young agents, representing affluent properties from the City of Angels to Malibu, on Bravo’s reality TV show, Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. Now up for it’s seventh season, you can’t help but be as fascinated with the cast of Josh Altman, Josh Flagg and Madison Hildebrand, as you are with the amazing homes up for sale.

While Flagg at times seems distracted and Altman overdressed, it’s the man from Malibu, who get’s our vote on who we’d rather spend the day with on any real estate adventure. Sure all three may be able to get the job done, but it’s Madison Hildebrand who does it with style and a winning smile. Who else can roll up the pants legs of his suit and still look like a million bucks. From being one of the most respected agents in Los Angeles, to working with the Malibu Boys And Girls Club, creating his own scented candle line or hosting strategy seminars, Hildebrand is all about connecting. It’s the kind of success you can feel good about at the end of the day.


He’s also really funny, with one of our favorite lines coming after a fellow broker used a showing to hit on him, to which the thirty-something agent replied after the door bell rang, “Saved by the ding-dong” – with addictive giggle in tow.

Since we weren’t in the market for a new home, we thought we’d reach out and see if Madison could help us choose our song of the day. As we expected, he picked a winning song and took some time to share how music fits into his, Malibu Life.

Madison Hildebrand Picks Today’s Song For April 15th

Song Choice: “Let’s Go Home” by Carousel

1) Describe what you like about “Let’s Go Home” by Carousel?
It’s like a constant discovery for your ears. It takes you through an entire experience: with lots of build-up, great acoustics, and then…ahhhh… Release. This is a great new band that I was introduced to by a good friend of mine, Felipe Torres, who directed their music video, after meeting them at a performance at SoHo House . They are on tour now and I had the pleasure of hearing them in person as they opened for the Wallflowers at a recent Malibu Boys and Girls Club charity event. They are just as great live.

An Arizona boy and a Malibu man…
2) What was music like in your home growing up and how is it today in your own?
I grew up all across the country, so my musical taste was an eclectic journey. Music in our home was guided by a father with a love for Diana Ross and that genre…it gave me a headache. When living TX, I had a country phase, and when I lived in Connecticut, I went through a Dave Matthews phase. Since living in California, I gravitate more towards Indie Rock and Electronic music.

Everybody has one and we know you do to…
3) What is Madison Hidlebrand’s celebration song?
Feels so Good by Mase…taking it back on this one…but it ALWAYS does the trick.

4) I turn this song on, every time I, because it?
Dream Machine by Mark Farina…this is a trusty go-to when I want to feel good, inspired, and relaxed.

From tailored suits to ‘that’ Speedo, when you’re working on your fitness…
5) What kinds of music do you like to sculpt those abs to?
Always DJ Sets. They are an hour or longer and keep my energy up. Most recently it’s Shark Attack by Zen Freeman.

You’d be surprised to know…
6) I know the all the words to…what song?
Horrible with lyrics! I don’t sing it…I just Dance to it!

Thanks to Madison for taking time to share with us today and be sure an hook up with him via the links below.

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Photo: © 2014 Madison Hildebrand

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