The Chainsmokers Smash ‘#Selfie’ Video Exceeds 76 Million Views!

The Chainsmokers Smash ‘#Selfie’ Video Exceeds 76 Million Views!

New York’s now super famous DJ duo, The Chainsmokers may be on their way to becoming America’s version of PSY, with their breakout hit, “#Selfie”. The official video, out less than three months has already reached over 76 million views. Even if in a year everyone will deny having loved this incredibly addictive musical novelty, The Chainsmokers have taken last years number one word and turned it into a gigantic viral hit. Include having had their story and song covered by big journalistic names like Time, Forbes and The New York Times and it’s safe to say, Drew Taggart & Alex Pall have arrived. The hope of course will be that they are still around once the Summer smash has returned to earth.


The voice behind #Selfie, 20 year old business student Alexis Campi, doesn’t even sing on the EDM track; she talks. The Manhattan resident, who was asked by her friends Drew and Alex to appear on the single, is smart enough to understand this will probably be the last time you hear her on the radio. Earlier this week she told The Daily Express, “I’m just a normal person who happens to be on this song that became famous. I’m not an actress or a vocalist or anything“.

Even with this kind of success, the concern for any artist would be that other music ventures and material beyond “that” hit will be taken serious. For now, there is no way to ignore the fact that The Chainsmokers have given the US and soon the world, what could be the song of the Summer. It’s fun, laughable and as with any track from Taggart and Pall, definitely danceable. Oh yeah, there are t-shirts too!

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