DaysTune Replies To Socials – Selena, Backstreet & Miley

DaysTune Replies To Socials – Selena, Backstreet & Miley

We picked a few of our favorite recent posts by the stars to reply to and this week it’s Selena, Backstreet and Miley.

The fabluous Selena Gomez posted this video to Instagram today, May 7th with the caption: “Where Now What Now?”

Reply: Probably somewhere beautiful, to do something amazing.


The Backstreet Boys RT this post from a fan today, May 7th on Twitter which said – “No party like a @backstreetboys after party”

Reply: Except they end at 9 o’clock now!


Miley Cryus uploaded this photo to Facebook on Monday, May 5th with the caption – “Big blue cock”.


Reply: We all have one of these pics with mom…and a blue cock? Right?

That’s what we have to say about that! Join us on Twitter and follow our featured stars today, we love them all.

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