George Barnett Is Back With New Single “3 Statues” (Today’s Song)

George Barnett Is Back With New Single “3 Statues” (Today’s Song)

Watching George Barnett in his self produced videos, is half the fun of listening to his memorable covers and ear bending originals; you know you’re watching a genius at work. Every new track has the young Herefordshire singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and videographer pushing the limits of music and his own abilities. He’s recently released a new single called “3 Statues” from his forthcoming EP out later this month and if you haven’t already…it’s time to get to know George Barnett.


When we posted on Barnett back in November of last year, he had published the video for his thumping, funk-pop single “Animal Keeper” – our song of the day at the time. Like many of his visuals, we watched as a room full of, “Georges”, played instruments, sang, covered backup vocals and of course, jumped about like a gazelle. His energy is infectious and the skill he demonstrates lyrically, musically and in production is awe-inspiring. He’s doing his own thing and he is owning it.

George Barnett 3 Statues on DaysTune

A fan of hip-hop and pop, George declares himself a fan of Kanye West and Justin Timberlake. It shows in his music, where he mixes engaging lyrics (Animal Keeper) and dark beats, with upbeat electronic pop sounds and amazing big choruses (Reflection). Go back to his studio album, 17 Days and you’ll be captivated by his versatility on our favorite track “Bewitched”, and “Lone Rose”.

At the moment the UK artist has no plans to cross over to the States, but he is very aware of his growing fan base. The new single is out now, which you can choose to either download for free or make a donation, which will go towards George’s next project, (Buy it! – HERE).

LYRICS – 3 Statues

There are figures on earth that advance how we think and take us higher
But I look up to the clowns, paid crazed and acclaimed and I aspire

They sing;

Life is a show
Updating their things
You hear them all go –

Na na na

I’m better than you
And this is the truth

I’ve got a statue of myself
And I like to do things my own way

Observe self same star entice into their game
Girl, you could be the same
The twittersphere awaits you come and play

Life is a show
Updating your things
You hear yourself go –

Na na na

I’m better than you
And this is the truth

I’ve got 2 statues of myself
And I’m gonna do things my own way

When will the appetite for vanity be fed?
Humility is dead
Why can’t it be the 70s instead?

Oh george can’t you see we’re past those golden days?
And nothing stays the same
You better learn to love the hallmarks of your age

Life is a show.
Updating my things…
I hear myself go..

Something like –

I’m better than you
And this is the truth

I’ve got 3 statues of myself
And I even write my favourite songs.

Now jump over to our previous post on George Barnett and check out “Animal Keeper” – You can thank us later –> Go Now!

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