Throwback Thursday – Panasonic’s Toot-a-loop Radio (#TBT)

Throwback Thursday – Panasonic’s Toot-a-loop Radio (#TBT)

Those memories of laying stretched out on shag carpet in my bedroom as a kid, listening to the Jackson-Five seem like ages ago (cause they were grandpa). One of my favorite items at the time, was a shiny hand held radio that could twist from the shape of a circle to an ‘S’ called, the Toot-a-Loop from Panasonic.

It was one of the coolest things to have and looked perfect hanging down next to my red, white and blue striped bell-bottoms. I couldn’t download songs or share them with friends and most of the time it didn’t get good reception where we lived, but I loved it anyway.


Created by the Panasonic company around 1970, the novelty radio was produced in Japan and only received AM frequencies. It had a jack for a mono-earplug (no dual earbuds in those days) and when closed could be carried like a handbag or on your wrist like a bracelet. The advertisement song went “It’s an S it’s an O it’s a crazy radio! Toot a loop!“.

Thanks for the memories old friend.

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