Watch Maverick Sabre – Emotion (Ain’t Nobody) Official Video

Watch Maverick Sabre – Emotion (Ain’t Nobody) Official Video

English born, Irish raised rapper and hip-hop artist Maverick Sabre, has dropped one velvety smooth lead single called, “Emotion (Ain’t Nobody)”. Using the sample from Chaka Khan’s big 80’s hit “Ain’t Nobody”, Sabre soaks the three minute, thirty-nine second track with nothing but pure vocal soul. It ends before you want it to, resulting in replay, just to catch anything you missed the first time around. It’s a funky treat that should find it’s way to the top of the UK charts before too long.

Maverick Sabre Emotion Ain't Nobody

In April the singer released a preview song titled, “Breathe” with it’s own official video, but “Emotion” is serving as his upcoming (yet untitled) LP’s first single – which we agree is the smart thing to do. His sound and vocal delivery is more polished than his previous record and this single in particular has the kind of crossover quality that could see it onto the airwaves here in the US.

It’s slick, smooth and hard to keep from playing on repeat.

Check out Maverick Sabre: Official

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