Waters “Got To My Head” Rocks Like A Boss (Today’s Song)

Waters “Got To My Head” Rocks Like A Boss (Today’s Song)

If at first you don’t succeed…start over with an incredibly infectious and rocking sound. That’s what Van Pierszalowski did after his former band dissolved and the new single from Waters, “Got To My Head”, rocks like a boss. You can’t escape the desire to jump along on the bed in your room, as happens in the official video released on VEVO April 29th, when this percussion thumping, power-pop song starts to play. We first featured this track on our indie section “Flipside” last month, but it’s just to good to not make Song of The Day…So, it is!

Waters Got To My Head

It’s out on iTunes now, so go grab yourself a copy and get happy!

Visit Waters: Official

Photo: © Waters Facebook

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