What’s That Song On The Google Play Commercial?

What’s That Song On The Google Play Commercial?

One of the best ways to get your music noticed, is to have it end up in a commercial for media giants like iTunes or in this case, Google Play.  A couple weeks ago the search engine mammoth released a new commercial for their digital distribution platform Google Play, that featured images flashing by within it’s logo. All this happened of course with a catchy, mostly unknown track playing in the background. With over 4 million views on the uploaded version on YouTube, viewers were probably running to find out who it was.

The Commercial:

The Song:

Well, the track is from a song titled “Rainbow Man” and is by DJ, producer, art director, and boss of the Ed Rec label, Pedro «Busy P» Winter. It was originally released back in 2007, with a re-release “Rainbow Man 2014” on April 28th, 2014. Google picked the best part of the track to use, so when you hit play you’ll have to give it a bit before you get to the part that brought you here asking, “What’s that song on the google play commercial? 

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