Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson Smoke Joint Like Cigs and Talk Drugs (Watch)

Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson Smoke Joint Like Cigs and Talk Drugs (Watch)

Is This A One Direction Sabotage by Zayn and Louis Tomlinson?

The UK’s Mail Online have released an exclusive piece (May 27th) on what appears to be One Direction members Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson, talking drugs and smoking joint like cigarettes on their way to a concert in Peru. The video from Mail Online, shows an SUV with what is clearly member Zayn and handlers, along with what sounds like Louis Tomlinson, who is both narrating and filming (allegedly) the event.

In what is sure to cause shock-waves through the community of young fans (and their parents) of the boy super group, there is a funny feeling watching and listening to the narration that this was deliberate. Could this be One Direction, or at least these two members, finally tired of carrying the load of being “good” for their teenage and pre-teen fan base? That question arises due to some poignant dialogue between the narrator (Louis) and Zayn; the first of which is the question posed by someone, “Are we allowed to talk contraband in this” to which the Louis voice responds, “Yes of course, that’s what it’s about“.

Throughout the rest of the video, it is clear that the focus of the recording is to document the use of what viewers will assume to be marijuana (mary jane, chicken). It is also assumed, that this is not an isolated happening, with references to taking the “chicken” to other locations and “mary jane” being part of Zayn’s warm up ritual before performing.

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