Coca-Cola Commercial “The World Is Ours” With Aloe Blacc and David Correy

Coca-Cola Commercial “The World Is Ours” With Aloe Blacc and David Correy

Soft drink giant Coca-Cola wanted to bring the world together with their 2014 FIFA World Cup™ campaign – The World’s Cup and choose music as it’s medium. After touring the world with the Rock Mafia penned song “The World Is Ours”, sung by former 2012 X-Factor finalist David Correy, where it was remixed by local artists 32 times in 175 markets, they decided to reach out to American singer Aloe Blacc for one more.

After hearing the track, Blacc took a song he had written called, “Hello World” and mashed it up with the track by Correy. The resulting song “The World Is Ours” (Mash-Up) appears on the Official 2014 FIFA World Cup album, One Love, One Rhythm.

aloe blacc and david correy the world is ours

Director of Global Entertainment Marketing at The Coca-Cola Company, Joe Belliotti, said, “We were looking for a global artist that would bring another perspective, with integrity and authenticity, and that is exactly what Aloe did… We’re delighted to be partnering with Aloe Blacc to help us bring the story of The World’s Cup to life through music.”

Aloe Blacc recently released his third studio album, Lift Your Spirit on Interscope Records, which peaked at #4 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. He rose to prominence after his collaboration with Avicii for the song, “Wake Me Up” which he wrote and sang in 2013. The attention continued when TV viewers started asking what the song was playing on the Beats by Dre commercial during this years Super-Bowl. “The Man”, scored the top ten in the US and number one in Europe.

Brazilian-American singer David Correy, who first recorded the Coca-Cola anthem stated that Aloe, “brought something incredible to this version, he brought more depth. A different perspective on soul”. The former X-Factor contestant is planning the release of his new EP sometime this year.

FIFA 2014 World Cup Album One Love One Rhythm

The single is available on iTunes now along with the FIFA 2014 World Cup Album – One World, One Rhythm.

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