How To Make A Hit Pop Song By YouTuber Brett Domino

How To Make A Hit Pop Song By YouTuber Brett Domino

YouTuber Brett Domino has just dropped another humorous, but catchy musical video titled, “How To Make A Hit Pop Song”. The UK musician/comedian, along with member Steven Peavis takes four minutes and forty-nine seconds, to offer up his “quick guide’ on how to make a hit pop song like Jason Derulo. Not looking like the type of guy to know anything about writing and making music is probably what makes most of his stuff so darn funny. His method of inspiration for his songwriting is hilarious and we love how simple he made look, to find that catchy vocal hook. Could it be that easy?

brett domino you look sexy when you do that

Please be warned that if you watch this all the way through, you risk having this thing stuck in your head longer than you may desire. Which is exactly what you want in a hit pop song. The Leeds musician isn’t leaving his creation in the form of a video either, you can actually purchase “You Look Sexy When You Do That”, via the Brett Domino Bandcamp page. I love how he declares himself at the start of the song, just like Derulo.

Funny quotes:
“You don’t want it to sound to good” (Talking about the instrumental hook)
“Some people say lyrics are the most important part of a song; NOT TRUE”
“Always keep it sexy”
“I’m just going to Google sexy women”
“I like it when you operate a bow and arrow” (His ambiguous reference to Jennifer Lawrence)
“I’ve penciled some lyrics to fill in the time between them (the hooks)”

Brett’s YouTube channel has over 79,000 subscribers and almost 17 million views on more than a hundred videos.

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