Jacko Hooper – Egg Shells Official Video Debut

Jacko Hooper – Egg Shells Official Video Debut

It’s not often we use the term ethereal when it comes to describing a male singers voice, but after coming across the newly released video “Egg Shells” featuring Jacko Hooper, it’s the only thing that felt right. It took only a short journey through his material on YouTube and the Brighton singer/songwriter just into his twenties, had us captivated. The indie-folk single “Egg Shells” is off of Jacko’s sophomore EP and first official recording For You, which comes available June 30th. It’s the closest thing to indie-pop on the 4 track record and a perfect display of his amazing vocal range and musicality.

Jacko Hooper Egg Shells Video Debut

Hooper is making his upcoming official debut For You available on 7″ vinyl, as well as digital and if there is any kind of music perfect for such a medium, it is this. The young Englishman delivers depth in his songwriting and an integrity in his performance and delivery that is simply memorizing. You may not here this anytime soon on a mainstream pop channel, but it deserves to be among the playlist of your most respected singer/songwriters. We’ll be keeping our eye on this one.

To find out more about the upcoming EP and the limited vinyl edition, visit One Inch Badge. For more information on Jacko Hooper, check out the links below.

Jacko Hooper: Official / Twitter

Photo: ©Jacko Hooper Facebook

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