Listen To Afrojack “Ten Feet Tall” ft. Wrabel

Listen To Afrojack “Ten Feet Tall” ft. Wrabel

It’s getting hard to find a song nowadays that hasn’t been touched by someone from the EDM community. Years back, the normal routine was to wait for a song to become a hit and then remix it with lots of bass and a kicked up tempo. Now, DJ’s and producers are creating the hits with songwriters before you even know who they are.

If you’ve been listening to the radio recently or are one of the 13 million people to view the official lyric video on YouTube, you’ve heard Afrojack’s hit single “Ten Feet Tall’ ft. Wrabel. It’s climbing the charts and putting the LA singer/songwriter on the map.

Afrojack ten feet tall ft wrabel

Stephen Wrabel, who goes by his last name only, wrote and sings the inspiring love song which appears on Afrojacks debut album Forget The World, which dropped this month. Even though the LP has other big name artists featured like Snoop Dog, Wiz Khalifa and Sting – it will be the lead single “Ten Feet Tall” that is remembered the most. With strong similarities to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, Wrabel’s vocal performance is the centerpiece of the records lead track. Watching him perform the song at the piano in the official lyric video, his passion and vocal dedication to his lyrics is infectious. Afrojack taps into the songs uplifting essence, with a soundtrack that takes it to the heights and makes it soar.

Our Song of The Day – “Ten Feet Tall” by Afrojack (ft. Wrabel)

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