The Vamps – Somebody To You ft. Demi Lovato Official Video

The Vamps – Somebody To You ft. Demi Lovato Official Video

Reminiscent of The Backstreet – N’ Sync days, there are quite a few “boy bands” to choose to love right now and The Vamps are hanging with the best of them. Although we don’t necessarily consider them your regular boy band (since they do play and help write their own music), James McVey, Bradley Simpson, Tristan Evans and Connor Ball have all the good looks and energy to make the girls swoon just like ‘Direction’.

Keeping the pop-ball rolling from their debut “Meet The Vamps” album, the lads released the official video for, “Somebody To You” Monday June 9th, featuring Demi Lovato. Both the video and the separate single have the actress and pop star making an appearance.

Looking very American on the sun lit beach in the official video, the foursome display their English roots with some pretty impressive footy skills. Rolling waves, pretty girls, Lovato and a jamming infectious hook, all add up a summer-time gem that is sure to satisfy fans and maybe win over a few newcomers. The single is out in the UK June 29th.

The Vamps: Official

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