Britain’s Got Talent Stars Bars and Melody “Hopeful” Music Video Inspires

Britain’s Got Talent Stars Bars and Melody “Hopeful” Music Video Inspires

Third place finalist on the latest season of Britain’s Got Talent, Charlie Lenehan (15) and Leondre Devries (13) known as Bars and Melody, released the official video for their debut single, “Hopeful” Monday and you can’t help but be inspired. The verses were written by the young Devries about his struggles from being bullied in school by a group of boys.

Excited their music can help others, Leondre raps real life lyrics like, “I’m walking to school, with sweat around my collar / I’m just a kid, I don’t want no stress / My nerves are bad, my life’s a mess“, as Charlie belts out the uplifting chorus, “Just be hopeful, yes I am / Hopeful for today / Take this music and use it / Let it take you away“.


The all kid cast (except for school staff) just adds to the songs innocence and important subject matter. Simon Cowell’s SYCO have only singed on for the initial single thus far, but we have a feeling this may take off once word gets out. With other young duo’s like Kalin and Myles getting airplay recently, there is just as much quality here with Bars and Melody. Devries has a very B.O.B. vocal quality to his rap, with Lenehan supplying the perfect “Boy Band” pop sound during the chorus. Radio Disney type fans will eat this up.

The duo appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show back in May where they talked with the host and performed their own version of the Twista and Faith Evans single, “Hopeful”. Watch Below:

The debut single “Hopeful” is out July 27th and will be accompanied by a original track called, “Shining Star”.

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