The CW’s Adam Korson Talks New Series ‘Seed’, Acting And Sperm

The CW’s Adam Korson Talks New Series ‘Seed’, Acting And Sperm

The CW is set to premiere another brand new series on its network, Monday July 14th called, Seed. Before you get excited and start imagining what great tips you’ll get for your backyard garden, Seed is actually a comedy about a sperm donor named, Harry.

Part of The CW’s Summer line-up, the show stars Canadian born, LA based actor Adam Korson as the underachieving bachelor and bartender, who is suddenly faced with the reality of his 15 year old “deposit”; the children.

Already a hit in Canada after two seasons, the show is a great opportunity for the US to get to know the funny and handsome Korson. Having already made appearances on shows in the US like CBS’s 2 Broke Girls and A&E’s The Glades, this will be the first time American viewers will see him in the lead character role.

Listed on Hello! Canada Magazine’s ‘50 Most Beautiful People‘ for 2013, Adam’s dark curly hair and facial stubble should appeal to female audiences. But don’t let the good looks fool you, his comedic expressions in Seed compliment the funny and oftentimes, embarrassing lines. It didn’t take to many questions to find out just how funny he is or how candid for that matter.

How excited were you when you found out the show had been picked up The CW?
I was pumped, for so many reasons. When I heard it was going to be on The CW…I thought, what a perfect home for the show. The CW has such a great and loyal audience, whom I can’t wait to meet, and when they fall in love with a show, they fall in love. I think we may be able to woo them….even if I have to take each and every one of them out on a date myself. Also, I live in LA, so I’m thrilled I finally get to share what I’ve been doing for the last couple of years with people that are very close to me.

What’s it like playing this character and do you find some of the material hard to get out without laughing?
I love ‘Harry.’ He’s funny and complex. He’s simple with tons of layers. He has heart. Being ‘Harry’ means I get to play every day, and that is such a gift. To answer the second part of your question, we have such a blast on set. One of the things we love to do is make the other person corpse — meaning laugh and break out of the scene. Matt Baram, who plays ‘Jonathan’ is king of breaking people. Although, I give him a run for his money…

So I have to ask. Actors do a lot of things to get into character, like Shia Labeouf walking around every day in fatigues to prepare for his role in the war movie Fury…what do you do?
I guess it depends on the role. No, I didn’t donate sperm. Yes, I did masturbate. But who doesn’t. In all seriousness, it really depends on how far away the character is from you. As actors, it’s our job to be as authentic as possible in every role we play. I’ll do whatever I have to do in order to make sure I understand and therefore be able to portray whichever character I’m playing in a believable and authentic way.

How many sperm donation centers did you visit?
I’ve actually never been inside a real one. At least not that I know of… I researched them though.

Actor Adam Korson From The CW Series Seed

Since we are talking about origins here, you’ve got some killer locks, facial hair I would kill for and were voted one of the “50 Most Beautiful People” for Hello! Canada Magazine in 2013…what do you think of that?
I think I should probably thank my parents for mixing together so well…too graphic?

Who is Adam Korson?

Two seasons now in Canada of ‘Seed’, with all its crazy subject matter and characters… Do you find yourself wanting to get away from all that sperm talk and go do a gritty crime drama?
I’m a man…there will always be sperm in my life. That being said, I’m ready for more drama. Crime-dramas are always fun, something like “True Detective” on HBO. Or something like “House of Cards” would be fun to do.

Is Comedy your first choice as an actor?
Comedies are a blast, but they’re friggin’ hard. Truthfully, I’ve never selected a genre over the other. For me, it comes down to the project, the script, the director, etc. If the project inspires me…I’m in.

You trained at the Randolph Academy of Performing arts in acting, singing and dancing – we know you act, but where do you sing and dance?
I sing in the car and dance whenever the music inspires me to. So if you are with me at either of those times, you’re in for a pretty good show.

Lots of subject matter in the new series, from a lesbian couple to promiscuous sex and more…How does the show boil it all down in the end?
If I’m going to boil it down, these are relatable characters and relatable relationships living in relatable situations dealing with relatable issues. Key word here if you haven’t guessed is “characters.” The great thing about comedy is that we can take a group of characters and throw them into situations where hilarity will ensue, but if done right, will affect and “relate” to an audience where it becomes a part of their lives and teaches them something about themselves. Even if it’s just a reminder to laugh. I think when you boil it down, that’s “Seed.”

You recently appeared on the Hallmark series Sign, Sealed, Delivered alongside Carol Burnett?
That is a true fact…and it still blows my mind. Carol, because I now can call her Carol, is an absolute professional. She’s caring, thoughtful and funny. She’s everything you would want her to be and more. I’m grateful for that moment.

Now for the payoff…

Inspires Me – Music
Song on Repeat – Right now the entire Lana Del Rey Ultraviolence Album
I’m also good at – Playing Mario Kart
Like, Re-Tweet or Follow Me – Follow Me
I Root For – The Underdog
Believe it or not, I – think I can play professional football.
I Wish I Could – play professional football.
Best Feature – my patience.

Adam Korson plays Harry Dacosta on The CW’s new series, “Seed” premiering Monday July 14th, 9:30/8:30c – Watch the official trailer below and be sure to check out Adam via the links at the bottom.

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