Orlando Bloom Throws Punch At Justin Bieber In Ibiza

Orlando Bloom Throws Punch At Justin Bieber In Ibiza

It appears that recent and alleged issues between Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber are not quite behind them. The Lord of The Rings actor reportedly lost his cool Tuesday in Ibiza, when he is seen on video throwing a punch at the young pop star.

If you’ve followed the saga, reports have stated the 37 year old star got upset over photos of Justin and his former wife, Miranda Kerr back in 2012 following a Victoria Secret fashion show.

You can see in the video from Mail-Online, that Justin notices Orlando approaching him and moves to the right to avoid direct contact. According to reports, the singer said “What’s up” and that’s when Legolas…sorry, Orlando decides it’s time to let his fists do the talking. We’re sure the Biebster was happy to have his entourage close by, who quickly blocked the attack and seperated the two.

Someone must have told Orlando that Bieber had shown up to Ciprianis.

orlando looks for bieber

Was there something more to that “What’s Up”?

Justin Bieber Whats Up Orlando

Whatever it was, it didn’t sit well with Orlando.

Orlando Bloom Calls Out Justin Bieber

Justin evidently had recognized that look from watching all those Lord of The Rings films and new something was about to go down.

Justin Sees orlando blooms crazed look

Thankfully it didn’t get this far.

Orlando Bloom aims arrows at dwarf

Instead, Justin posted a sweet picture of the actor’s ex on his Instagram account soon after the incident.

bieber post pic of miranda kerr on instagram

So, turns out it wasn’t actually a kind gesture and the Biebs quickly deleted it.


Photos: GIF ©Tumblr / Top: ©Fameflynet Orlando Bloom vacations in Spain July 29th.

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