Rob Lowe Rides Two Sharks in Discovery’s ‘Shark Week’ Promo

Rob Lowe Rides Two Sharks in Discovery’s ‘Shark Week’ Promo

Actor Rob Lowe flexes his biceps while throwing chum into the air, in the new and hilarious promo for Discovery Channels upcoming, Shark Week. The Golden Globe winner rides on the back of two lassoed sharks while a mermaid hugs his leg, all while sharks of different types leap around him.

The 50 year old, married, father of 2 has already proven his comedic side as a regular on the TV series Parks and Recreation and is perfect for the over-the-top promo. He recently appeared in the movie ‘Sex Tape’ featuring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel.

Monday July 28th, Lowe posted a photo of the new gig on his Twitter account. Shark Week begins August 10th on the Discovery Channel.

Photo: ©Discovery Channel YouTube

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