Woman Falls Off Two Diving Boards In One Dive (Video)

Woman Falls Off Two Diving Boards In One Dive (Video)

A woman’s hesitation during a recent high dive at the Lava Hot Springs water park in Idaho, which was caught on video, will make your spine tingle for sure.

It seems her will was at war with her senses en route to the edge, which resulted in a last second decision to not go through with the jump. What should have been followed by a humbling trip back down the stairs, turned into her falling off of TWO diving boards in a single…well, drop!.

Divers at the water park must sign a release form stating that they will use prudence and understand the “inherent dangers, risk, and hazards of engaging in activities upon or from the
Platforms that may result in injury to me or even in my death.”

We give her a ’10’ for technical difficulty.

Video: ©YouTube/Katie Jorgensen

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