Passengers Push Train To Free Man’s Trapped Leg (Video)

Passengers Push Train To Free Man’s Trapped Leg (Video)

Just when you think the world has gone to the dogs, people prove there is still plenty of good to go around. This week a mans leg became trapped in the gap between the railcar and the platform, while boarding a train in Perth, Australia. When attendants could not get the man free, they asked the passengers to disembark.

australian passengers push train to help free mans leg

Commuters were then asked to line up next to the train and help push the weight of the car over. The fine people of Australia were more than willing to oblige and as you can see in the video, they were also successful. The gentleman was looked at by paramedics, but walked away without any injury.

For a more detailed report and video, hop over to Australian news site, — HERE.

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