#Selfie Duo The Chainsmokers New Song “KANYE” Is Here!

#Selfie Duo The Chainsmokers New Song “KANYE” Is Here!

When Drew Taggart & Alex Pall who make up The Chainsmokers, emailed me that they were getting ready to drop another original song, I couldn’t help but get excited. It’s been seven months since the last electronic note came along touting the DJ/Producing pairs first effort, #SELFIE. I’m not ashamed to say I fell in love with that thing before it even finished streaming the first time out. The Chainsmokers seem to have their finger on the pulse of what is working in music right now and it warrants giving a ear to anything new they flow down the pike.

Their debut single about last years biggest obsession, has since sold over one million copies for platinum status, with the official video garnering over 191,000,000 views, to make it the sixth most viewed video this year on YouTube. This week A&D are following up their breakout hit with a new original song called, “KANYE”. Featuring vocals from the LA duo Sirens, this time the self absorbtion is more about reaching your goals and believing in yourself, than simply snagging a mug-shot.

Turning things more in line with their previous remixes, “KANYE” is more mainstream than it is novelty-pop. It also proves to any naysayers, that the duo have the goods to deliver up more than just one hit. “This song to us represents something real and relatable. It gushes with emotion and positivity and trust us. Its blends genres and tastes and that’s something we really pride our music on…“, says the pair.


You can be anything you want to #BELIKE

Check out highlights from their amped up #SELFIE tour below:

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