Watch Daredevils Fall From World’s Largest Urban Zipline

Watch Daredevils Fall From World’s Largest Urban Zipline

Hopefully this doesn’t catch on like bungee-jumping. Filmmaker Devin Graham (devinsupertramp) joined up with Speed Stick GEAR and skydiver/paraglider/base jumper Marshall Miller, to put together the world’s largest urban zipline in Panama recently. Using hand held, drone operated and Gopro cameras, the band of daredevils pulled off on heck of a visual treat, that involved dropping off of a 2,000 ft zipline.

The behind the scenes video (bottom) is just as interesting as the edited piece and shows just how much effort it takes to do these kind of stunts, right. You also discover facts like how it only takes seven seconds to get to the bottom (which you don’t want to do, the cable was tied to a car axle) and that each jumper had just 3 seconds to let go.

It’s an amazing collaboration of skill and courage on many levels. The addition of music from Salt Lake City duo Scott & Brendo and their song “The Chosen”, tops off the video for one enjoyable thrill ride.

Check out the behind the scene video below to find out how Devin and the crew put it all together.

Find out more about Devin Graham – HERE.
Visit Scott & Brendo – HERE.

Photo: ©YouTube Devin Graham

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