Adam Levine Gets Naked and Creepy In ‘Animals’ Video Debut

Adam Levine Gets Naked and Creepy In ‘Animals’ Video Debut

One YouTube fan put it this way after viewing the newly released “Animals” video from Maroon 5 – “What Did I Just Watch?” Adam Levine, who stars as a creepy, obsessive butcher who get’s off on raw meat and smearing blood on himself, stars alongside his newly wed wife Behait Prinsloo. The band’s frontman pulls off the perfect creepster in the new visual and it’s understandable if some fans may think it pushes the envelope. There is quite a bit a nudity between the two and a few heated scenes that only a married couple could or should pull off for the camera.

adam levine animals video

Oh and blood, lot’s of it. In a scene right out of Carrie, the two naked sexy’s get drenched in the goo while kissing passionately, in the nude!

One of our favorite songs to date from Maroon 5’s new album ‘V’, which has Levine dropping a much lower vocal than normal throughout. It’s sexy, grooving, pop-rock from a band that just can’t seem to get it wrong.

Maroon 5 ‘Animals’ Official Video

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