Damien Rice Is Back With A New Single, Album & His Signature Sound

Damien Rice Is Back With A New Single, Album & His Signature Sound

Everybody has that go to artist they access when they need a certain kind of music, to fit a certain kind of mood. Not the giddy type, when you want to dance around the house in your underwear and Ray Ban’s, but the kind of songs that welcome introspection. Where watching a bead of rain run down the glass on a window, becomes a moment of beauty. Irish singer/songwriter Damien Rice, supplied the perfect tracks for moments just like these, off his two solo albums from back in the early 2000’s. After eight years, “The Blower’s Daughter” singer is back with a new single, album and his signature sound.

My Favourite Faded Fantasy is the third studio album from Damien rice and his first studio record in eight years; having had good success back in 2002 with his debut solo album ‘O’ and it’s follow up ‘9’ in 2006. Fans of the 40 year old Kildare, Ireland born songster are sure to have their own personal favorites, from the aforementioned “The Blower’s Daughter”, which featured on the soundtrack to the 2004 film Closer, to “Cannonball”, “Volcano”, “Rootless Tree” and our personal favorite (including the video), “9 Crimes”.

Damien Rice New Album OUt

Talking about the new record, Rice shares how writing had become “a weight on my shoulder, something I was supposed to be doing, instead of something I should really want to do“. Once he got to the place that writing and recording was simply for the beauty of it alone, the floodgates opened. His new single, “I Don’t Want To Change You” is the kind of gap closer that will have fans of Rice forgetting that it’s been almost a decade since his last release.

Damien Rice – “I Don’t Want To Change You” (Official Video)

The new album, My Favourite Faded Fantasy holds only eight tracks, with “I Don’t Want To Change You” being the most likely song to be accepted by mainstream music lovers. Some of the tracks ending up on the soundtrack of a film or television show wouldn’t be a surprise, Damien is one of the greats when it comes to musical melancholy.

It’s a return sure to be welcomed by fans and an opportunity for the Irish singer to reach a whole new crowd. Don’t forget, that current hit maker Ed Sheeran, owes his catalyst for songwriting to seeing Damien Rice in concert as a young boy. The single “I Don’t Want To Change You” and the album are out now.

Watch Damien Rice Perform On David Letterman – Nov. 17th, 2014

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