Who Is The Guy Playing Marco Polo On Netflix? The Handsome Lorenzo Richelmy

Who Is The Guy Playing Marco Polo On Netflix? The Handsome Lorenzo Richelmy

If you’ve recently taken up the task of watching Netflix’s epic new original series, Marco Polo – you may have asked yourself (at least the ladies for sure), who is the guy playing the lead role? His name is Lorenzo Richelmy and although he is most likely unknown to American audiences at the moment, we have a feeling that’s all about to change.

LorenzorichelmyBorn March 25th, 1990, in a city in the northern area of Italy called, La Spezia, the 24 year old spent time with his stepfather as a child in the very places Marco Polo himself had been. Up until he was cast for the role on Netflix, Lorenzo did not speak English. That was one of the first things he had to start working on right away. The blue eyed, brown haired Italian, lives in Rome (since 1994) and although his big break looks to have come, he has no plans of moving to Hollywood. Speaking with Reuters he explained, “I have my work in Rome, I want to live there and I don’t want to live here… I love the market here and the things that they do, but I can work even from Italy“. (R).

Although he may be new to most of those who are able to access the streaming service, Richelmy is himself not new to the world of acting. Both his parents are theater actors and Lorenzo has been in some form of acting since he was 8 years old. By sixteen, he had landed a role on a popular teen TV series that aired on one of Italy’s biggest networks.

Some time spent in drama school and the handsome Italian was off to making movies. His first being the gangster comedy Fat Cat, set in Italy and in London which garnered him several nominations at film festivals in Belgium and California (check out the official trailer below, he plays one of the goofy criminals, Burro).

Lorenzo Richelmy Stars in ‘Fat Cat’ (2012) Official Trailer

From there Lorenzo played roles in more than a few TV shows and films, some which garnered him praise and all making him more notable and famous in Italy.

Lorenzo Kubrick A Porn Story

Lorenzo Richelmy stars in the Italian TV series Kubrick, A Porn Story (2012) ©YouTube

TV and Film Credits:
I liceali – 2009 (TV)
Alice non lo sa! -2010 (TV)
Tiro a vuoto – 2011
100 metri dal paradiso – 2012
Sposami – 2012 (TV)
Kubrik A Porn Story- 2012 (TV)
99899 – 2013
Borgia – 2013 (TV)
The Third Half – 2013
Il sogno di Sofia – 2013 (TV)
La terra e il vento – 2013
Sotto una buona stella – 2014
Una Ferrari per due – 2014 (TV)
Hybris – 2014
Marco Polo – 2014 (Netflix)

It may appear Richelmy finally scored his own major leading role (playing Italian explorer Marco Polo, who finds himself at the center of the great Kublai Khan’s quest to become Emperor of the World, in the Netflix original series) but the truth is, it was almost missed had it not been for the show’s creator John Fusco’s wife, coming across the young actors audition tape and forwarding it to producers. Once picked, it was hours in the gym each day, followed by intensive martial arts, archery, horseback riding lessons and of course, English, to get him ready for his part.

kungfu magazine cover marco polo

Lorenzo Richelmy on Jan-Feb issue of Kunf fu Magazine ©2015 Kungfu Magazine

All that Kung Fu seemed to pay off recently, when the handsome Italian made the cover of December’s KungFu Magazine (KFM).

So far the reviews on Marco Polo are mixed, with the series just today (Dec. 12th) hitting the streaming service. Even if the $90 million dollar budgeted venture doesn’t do all it’s been set up to, there is no denying that Lorenzo Richelmy is sure to grace more than one screen here in the US in the future.

Marco Polo Series

Benedict Wong (L) and Lorenzo Richelmy (R) in a scene from Netflix’s “Marco Polo.” Photo Credit: Phil Bray for Netflix.

Check out 24 year old Lorenzo Richelmy, starring now in the original epic Netflix series, Marco Polo.

Netflix Official

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