Ivy Levan Wants You To Kiss Her “Biscuit” (Video)

Ivy Levan Wants You To Kiss Her “Biscuit” (Video)

Ivy Levan released her brand new music video this week for her latest single, “Biscuit”. If you don’t know who she is yet, prepare to be introduced. Holding nothing back, the singer/model/actress hits the screen in several sexy outfits, provocative moves and a dancing dinner roll. Biscuit is the first single off of her upcoming debut album out this Spring. The 27 year old drops an addictive track with soul-tinged pop vocals and a hook you’ll be singing for days.

Ivy Levan Gets Her Grove On In “Biscuit” Video

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The former Arkansas girl explained her sassy single, saying “I really wanted to make a song that summed up my attitude and the way I was raised in the South,” she explains, adding, “Southern Belles don’t take no lip.” After turning heads back in 2013 with her Ep Introducing The Dame, Ivy Levan has been landing on several “Ones to Watch” lists, including over at Billboard. It’s sassy, Aguilera style pop with an attitude that touches on Iggy, for one sweet sound.

Watch “Biscuit” Official Video by Ivy Levan

Try Getting These Lyrics Out Of Your Head

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The visual/audio combination in Ivy Levan’s music video for “Biscuit”, is perfect for pop fans. Levan makes use of her good looks, dance moves and facial expressions to keep you captivated for the full three minutes and thirty-one seconds. Lyrically it’s one big joy ride and lines like, “I think you might have missed it / I think you got it twisted / when I told you to kiss it / my biscuit, my biscuit”, are bound to be stuck in your head for days.

“Biscuit” by Ivy Levan is out now and available on iTunes.

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