Perez Hilton Enters Celebrity Big Brother House In London

Perez Hilton Enters Celebrity Big Brother House In London

Celebrity blogger and television personality Perez Hilton, walked out of a large eyeball and down the red carpet today at the Elstree Studios in London, for Celebrity Big Brother 15. Wearing a camouflage jacket that screamed, “who put this thing in the dryer!“, Hilton joined the host of the show Emma Willis, outside the specially built house to share his excitement on the upcoming adventure.

Perez will try to follow in the footsteps of American actor Gary Busey, who was named the winner of last season’s show after enduring his housmates for 26 days. Isolated from the outside world, Hilton will not be able to continue blogging during his stent , telling the host, “I keep going to here (pointing to his pants pocket) for my phone, but there’s nothing“. Each week a public vote determines who stays.

Perez Hilton Enter The 'Big Brother' House

Perez Hilton enters the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ House at Elstree Studios in London, UK on January 7, 2014. ©Fameflynet

The openly gay 36 year old father of one, has made a name for himself by blogging celebrity news, posting his famous “marked-up” photos and of course getting into controversy with stars like Lady Gaga. Promising to bring juicy details to the house, fellow dwellers may find it hard to keep up with both his wit and his knowledge of their own pasts.

Perez Hilton Celebrity Big Brothers Photo

A mark up in homage to the famous blogger during his entrance at Elstree Studios in London Jan. 7th. ©Fameflynet

Celebrity Big Brother, which airs on Channel 5 in the UK, saw a drop in viewership during it’s last season. Perez who touted prior to his entrance that he thinks, “this is going to be the most watched…in years” will join a British journalist, TV presenter, actor, reality star and a few fellow Americans like Jeremy Jackson (Hobie Buchannon in Baywatch) and R&B singer Alexander O’Neal. Like other celebrity shows here in the US, most of the inhabitants are noted for either failing careers or odd behavior.

Celebrity Big Brother 15 – Twisted fairytale trailer

Photo: ©Fameflynet

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