What’s The Song On Microsoft Surface 3 ‘Reinvent’ Commercial?

What’s The Song On Microsoft Surface 3 ‘Reinvent’ Commercial?

Microsoft may have one amazing tablet/laptop in their Surface Pro 3, but whoever is picking those background songs for the commercials is a downright genius. Added to the running list of cool TV ads and catchy tracks, is Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 commercial titled, ‘Reinvent’.

If you’re wondering “What’s the song?”, we’ve got the answer. The infectious, soul infused, punk-pop treat, is from Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Arum Rae called, “Something’s Happening To Me”.

Surface Pro 3 – Reinvent Commercial

The track is off of Arum Rae’s latest self-released EP Warranted Queen, which dropped this past April. It’s the highlight of the 5 track EP, but not the only song to enjoy.

arum rae photo

Microsoft commercials continue to be a great place to discover new artists and music lovers should be pretty happy with this one. Stream the entire song “Something’s Happening To Me” below.

The Song: Arum Rae “Something’s Happening To Me”

The single and Arum Rae’s Warranted Queen EP are available now on both iTunes and her Bandcamp page.

Visit – Arum Rae Official

Photo: ©Arum Rae Facebook / YouTube

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