What’s The Song On Microsoft’s Surface 3 Seahawks Football Commercial?

What’s The Song On Microsoft’s Surface 3 Seahawks Football Commercial?

Those Microsoft Surface 3 commercials do more for the music played in the background, than they do for the actual product. If you just happened to see the latest commercial for the tablet, which aired during this year’s Superbowl, then you have got to be asking yourself, “What’s the song on the Pro Surface 3″ football commercial. You’re going to be amazed to find out, the song was actually put together by a music and sound production outfit hired by the Microsoft team.

The Commercial – Microsoft Pro Surface 3

Egg Music provides original scores, music supervision, audio production and finishing for advertising, film, television, video games, and interactive media. The song is called, “Howlin’ In The Woods” and it’s being attributed to a group called, The Crooked. It’s a thumpin’, get up off your a** track that is remisceint of the song “Jungle” by X Ambassadors, used in the Beats by Dre TV ad. This time it’s Seattle Seahawks defensive back Earl Thomas III, sitting on the bus with with earphones and his Surface 3.

Microsoft Surface 3 Seahawks Commercial Song by The Crooked

You’ll have to love it on the commercial or via Soundcloud, because as of right now, the song is all Microsoft’s. No download available.

Photo: ©YouTube/Microsoft


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