What’s The Song On The Mountain Dew Kickstart Commercial ‘Come Alive’?

What’s The Song On The Mountain Dew Kickstart Commercial ‘Come Alive’?

Voted top Super Bowl commercial of 2015 here at DaysTune, Mountain Dew’s Kickstart ad ‘Come Alive’ had everything we expected and more. Those guys, that dog, the deer and just about everything else in the house that ended up dancing. It had lots of humor and of course one jamming track.

If you’re wondering what that song is on the Mountain Dew Kickstart commercial, it’s called “Out The Speakers” and it’s by A-Trak and Milo & Otis.

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The Commercial – Mountain Dew Kickstart ‘Come Alive’

For us, it’s the drop the track takes into that Bollywood-esque beat that’s so darn infectious. The mix is solid through-out, taking turns at just the right moment to keep things fresh and exciting.

The Song – “Out The Speakers” by A-Trak, Milo & Otis (ft. Rich Kidz)

Milo & Otis, teamed up with Canadian DJ A-Trak and released this massive dance track last May on his own label, Fools Gold Records. The song features vocals from American hip-hop group Rich Kidz.

out the speakers cover

The single is available now on iTunes.

Milo & Otis Official
A-Trak Official
Rich Kidz Official


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