2CELLOS Battle It Out In New “They Don’t Care About Us” Video

2CELLOS Battle It Out In New “They Don’t Care About Us” Video

Croatian cellists Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser dropped a new music video this week for yet another song from their latest album, Celloverse. Playing the cover of Michael Jackson’s song, “They Don’t Care About Us”, Luka and Stjepan appear as two soldiers battling in out with a most unlikely weapon; the cello.

Known for having put the cello back on the map, the pair continue to captivate with their musical arrangements and style of play, no matter what the musical genre. They go from playing Mozart to Michael Jackson to AC/DC, without loosing the audience regardless of the age. The latest video demonstrates just how relevant their music is, by creating a track that feels and sounds as good as a big production pumping at an EDM concert.

2 cellos they dont care about us

The official video, with the duo in their Napoleon-esque jackets among a battle field that seems caught within several different eras, makes playing the cello look masculine and very cool.

2CELLOS ‘They Don’t Care About Us’ Official Video

They’ve appeared on Ellen, The Tonight Show and toured with Sir Elton John, as well as being the first instrumental group to appear on the TV show Glee. The album Celloverse, is Luka and Stjepan’s third studio release and houses covers of everything from Michael Jackson to Avicii to Paul McCartney’s “Live And Let Die”.

2cello album cover

These aren’t boring sticks in the mud either. The instrumental duo, who are still in their twenties, show up on stage looking handsome in everything from a suit jacket to jeans and a t-shirt. The passion and drama while performing isn’t left only to the videos either. Playing cutting edge styled cellos, Sulic and Hauser captivate the crowd with as much head shaking and animation, as a lead guitarist in a rock band.

2CELLOS latest album is available now.

2CELLOS Official

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