Bravo’s New Series ‘Secrets And Wives’ Stars Long-Time Girlfriends From Long Island

Bravo’s New Series ‘Secrets And Wives’ Stars Long-Time Girlfriends From Long Island

Bravo is adding yet another show centered around affluent women to their network. This June, the channel famous for all those “Real Housewives” shows is delivering up a brand new venture called, ‘Secrets and Wives’. Being labeled a “docu-series”, each episode will focus on problems surrounding six long-time girlfriends from Long Island – like going through a divorce, and maybe even a second and third one too.

Premiering Tuesday, June 2 at 10pm ET/PT, ‘Secrets and Wives’ focuses on six ladies who all have their fair share of “baggage”. Andi Black, a former back-up singer for Jay and the Americans, has been married and divorced three times. Susan Doneson waited the longest to finally marry; that ended in divorce too. She then dated a prisoner and had his baby.

Secrets and Wives

Andi Black & Amy Miller On Bravos ‘Secrets and Wives’ (Photo by: ©Barbara Nitke/Bravo)

Still married but struggling, Cori Goldfarb is fighting to keep things together financially and wondering what those strange texts are on her husbands phone. There’s perfectionist Gail Greenberg with just one failed marriage, trying to get every facet of life just right and Amy Miller who just can’t seem to put herself first long enough to make a very important decision.

Bravo Series

Andi Black & Liza Sandler On Bravo’s ‘Secrets and Wives’ (Photo by: @Barbara Nitke/Bravo)

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Closing the sisterhood of friends is Liza Sandler. After having an affair that ended up in the gossip columns, she’ll need the help of her Long Island girls to find a new place to live and maybe a new love.

Watch A Sneak Peak of ‘Secrets and Wives’

Click on any of the ladies of Long Island below to see their full image.

“Secrets and Wives” is produced by Haymaker with Aaron Rothman, Irad Eyal, Michaline Babich, Omid Kahangi, and Michael Call serving as Executive Producers. It Premieres Tuesday, June 2 on Bravo (10-11 p.m ET).

Photos: ©2015 Bravo

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