James Morrison Is Back With New Single “Lonely People” By iLL BLU

James Morrison Is Back With New Single “Lonely People” By iLL BLU

James Morrison is back in business on a brand new single with London producer duo, iLL BLU. The soulful dance track from Darius and James features vocals from Morrison and is quite a departure from the singers previous work. That said, the collaboration has resulted in one sweet track, that is sure to work out just fine on both radio and in the clubs this Summer.

It’s been some time since the “Wonderful World” singer released new material and it’s no doubt fans have been chomping at the bit for something fresh. iLL BLU drop an infectious and complimenting soundtrack for the soul-pop singer/songwriter, utilizing all those vocal traits we’ve come to love. It’s a partnership that should help expand the reach of iLL BLU and help usher in the return of James Morrison, as he prepares to release his own material later this year.

james morrison and ill blu

The former funk producing duo iLL BLU, continue to prove their abilities in their latest venture with the platinum selling singer. Pictured above in the studio with Morrison (which he tweeted back in March), Darius and James have remixed for the likes of Jessie J, Sam Smith, The Weeknd and Cheryl. “Lonely People” feels like the kind of track that should see the top of the charts in the UK and beyond.

“Lonely People” By iLL BLU ft. James Morrison

James Morrison has been busy putting together a new album for his return this year and the departure in musical style could be a good sign that “New” will also equal “Fresh”. Can’t wait!

lonely people james morrison album cover

iLL BLU’s “Lonely People” ft. James Morrison is available May 11th on Island Records.

iLL BLU Official
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