What’s The Song On Budweiser Bud and Burgers Commercial?

What’s The Song On Budweiser Bud and Burgers Commercial?

Budweiser and burgers, is there anything better than that on a hot summer day? Grilling outside is finally here and the King of Beers is helping get us all fired up with their latest commercial titled, ‘Bud and Burgers’.

The TV ad moves through clips of the kind of burgers that are clearly worthy of the #foodporn label. The perfect partner is that golden, ice cold Bud in its own beer glass. The only other thing grabbing your attention during this thirty second ad, is the music playing in the background.

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If your’re wondering “What’s the song on the Budweiser Bud and Burgers commercial”, we have the answer. That deep synthy-bassed clip is from the DJ Sliink & TWRK & Green Lantern song, “Trifecta (We Came To Party)”.

The Commercial: Budweiser Buds and Burgers

The single comes from the joint efforts of three artists – New Jersey’s DJSLiink, New York DJ, Green Lantern and the NY duo of Benzi & DJeSenTRIK known as TWRK. Originally a free download back in 2014 when they first released it, the song is now available through Amazon.

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The Song: Trifecta (We Came To Party)

The part of the track that you’ll notice from the TV ad, comes in the first time around the one minute and seven second mark.

Now you know what the song is, you can fire up the grill and start cooking those burgers!

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