JESUS! Duke Dumont’s New Video ‘The Giver’ Is Miraculous! Video of The Week

JESUS! Duke Dumont’s New Video ‘The Giver’ Is Miraculous! Video of The Week

British DJ and deep house producer Duke Dumont, has released what we’re calling the video of the week. The official video for his new single ‘The Giver’ (Reprise), shows a Jesus like character performing miracles, that don’t exactly turn out being all that helpful.

The track ‘The Giver’, is a 2012 club hit of Dumont’s that’s been re-worked for his upcoming album, that is yet unnamed. The official video was released May 21st. Directed by London/Amsterdam based Surrender Monkey, the video has one of the best actors we’ve seen playing the very hip, very cool miracle working – Jesus guy.

the giver video duke dumont

©Duke Dumont/YouTube

From his arrival, where he comes walking out of the ocean like he’s just been baptized, to the end of the film – it does seem to ring true that it is better to give than to receive. At least for him it is. All those “good works” that he bestows upon those he comes in contact with, quickly turn sour and reek havoc. Having the opposite effect of what seems to be intended.

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©Duke Dumont/YouTube

The new song from the British DJ is out now as both a single and part of The Giver Remixes on iTunes. Known for great music and unique videos, his previous video for the single “Won’t Look Back” has received over 16 million views, along with “I Got U” ft. Jax Jones amassing an astounding 117 million.

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©Duke Dumont/YouTube

The vocal sample supplied on the infectious and easy to get stuck in your head track, is by Chicago born singer, Kim English.

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©Duke Dumont/YouTube

From his walk, hip beard and that hilariously clueless smile; Duke Dumont hits it out of the park with ‘The Giver’ (Reprise) video & track. Plan on playing it over and over.

‘The Giver’ (Reprise) by Duke Dumont (Video)

Duke Dumont Official

Photos: ©Duke Dumont/YouTube

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