‘OIL’ on ABC – New TV Shows You Want To Watch Just By Seeing The Trailer

‘OIL’ on ABC – New TV Shows You Want To Watch Just By Seeing The Trailer

It might seem a little early to start thinking about all the new Fall TV shows coming later this year when we’re still in Spring, but networks have to start laying the ground work sometime. That means big press gatherings announcing the upcoming line-up and the trailers needed to get us all interested. So, we’ll be checking out those promos for you and letting you know which new TV shows we would want to watch, just by seeing the trailer alone.

The first show to catch our visual attention in the new fall line up is from ABC titled, ‘OIL’. It was the title and photo of an oil tower with fire shooting out of it, that peaked our manly interests at first. The funny thing about the tile part, is that ‘OIL’ wasn’t the original name for the TV show. Due to some conflict with another network already using the name, they changed it to ‘OIL’. In hindsight, I think it fits better and is more appealing. The other was, ‘Boom’…see what I mean.

Watch Official Trailer For ‘OIL’ on ABC This Fall

The opening 15 seconds greets the viewer with pounding drums and a pretty interesting insight about the town the show is set in. Big white letters inform us, “Welcome to a town / With oil fields so vast / A new millionaire is made / Every / Single / Day”. No hitting stop now, we’re hooked.

Delroy Lindo on ABC new show OIL

Actor Delroy Lindo at Tip on ABC’s new Fall TV Drama – OIL. (ABC/Fred Hayes)

From here on out it’s the visual scenery of the show and the cast that keep us interested. Young TV fans will get excited to see Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl and Rebecca Rittenhouse from Red Band Society. Next, Delory Lindo comes out shooting his gun in the air and the middle aged crowd is thinking, “wow, he’s in this too”. The cast just gets better with Miami Vice star (Django Unchained for you younger watchers) Don Johnson and the beautiful Amber Valletta. You might remember her from the movie Hitch or TV show Legends.

Throw in a couple more attractive young actors and ‘OIL’ is looking like it could be pretty decent. It looks dirty too. With all that mud, oil and hard work going on. Come on who are we kidding, ABC made sure to throw a few saucy scenes into the trailer, to let you know it’s not all about work and no play.

As far as the dialogue in the ‘OIL’ trailer, we’d have to give that a 7/10. Remembering it takes a few episodes to buy into actors playing different characters from what you know, we’ll have to see if the writers are able to keep it out of the cheesy soap arena. It’ll need a level of maturity to keep anyone above thirty, even though they should be willing to give it a chance due to the cast and OIL’s use of real landscapes.

Verdict: ‘OIL’ on ABC, IS a new TV show you want to watch just by seeing the trailer.

OIL premieres this fall on ABC, Sundays 9/8c.

PHOTO: Top OIL – ABC’s “OIL” stars Don Johnson as Hap, Chace Crawford as Billy, Rebecca Rittenhouse as Cody, Delroy Lindo as Tip, Amber Valletta as Carla, Scott Michael Foster as Wick, India de Beaufort as Jules, Yani Gellman as AJ and Caitlin Carver as Lacey. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

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